7 Strategies to Reach more Audience using LinkIn

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by Sergio Jimenez

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For those professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who want to expand their business or broaden their professional network, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for making connections.

When used to its full potential, it can help make your profile visible to those who are in a position to support your business and profession, including hiring your services and products. However, most people are not improving their profile, resulting in missed opportunities.

Like many mindful activities like tidying up our office in just a few minutes, users don’t need to spend hours a day on LinkedIn to see positive results. Being mindful of how you use LinkedIn could mean the difference between generating leads and securing deals, or just taking up more space with nothing to offer. Therefore, know 7 ways to maximize your LinkedIn profile and start seeing better results for your business or professional brand.

1. Show your work

Try to share what you do in different formats like videos, blog and audios. To do this, include a description and some relevant hashtags about what you share in order to improve the position of your content.

2. Ask for recommendations from time to time

For example, at the end of each calendar year or quarter, ask your clients if it is possible for them to give you a recommendation through LinkedIn. It’s good evidence of your work. In addition, you can direct prospects to those recommendations when you are proposing new business, or it is simply a good way to further strengthen your credibility as a professional.

3. Use keywords in the profile

Add in that skill set that you possess, this may generate entirely new leads for you. In addition to using relevant hashtags, consider updating your profile with relevant keywords, especially words related to the jobs and clients you want. Since potential clients search LinkedIn using keywords, it’s a good idea to use several relevant words to describe your work experience. The more your profile matches that of the description of a job, collaboration or business proposal, the more likely you are to attract the attention of potential clients and recruiters.

4. Make updates to your profile more often

Like most of us we do medical check-ups every 6 months or at least every year to see if everything is going well, in the same way it is convenient to review your profile in order to update it. I suggest you do it every quarter or, at the very least, at the end of each year. To do this, write down on a calendar when to do it, so you are more likely to do it.

5. Keep a professional-looking photo

You don’t need to schedule a professional photo shoot to get a good professional look. Try to make this look natural and reflect your essence as a professional. After all, your professional appearance is important as you will be projecting an image to people that they may hardly be able to see in real life. According to LinkedIn, a good profile photo increases views to your profile 21 times and produces nine times more connection requests.

6. Post regularly

Like most social media platforms, the LinkedIn algorithm rewards those who post frequently. If you feel like posting every day is too much for you, and you don’t have enough time, then try at least one or two posts each week. For example, pick a day of the week to do it until a routine is done. An important aspect to know is that having a presence on LinkedIn alone is not enough to generate interest in you or your work, but you will be taking a big step to achieve it. The above strategies should be an active part of your marketing so that you can see results progressively. Some experts admit that more business owners started reaching out after they started posting regularly on LinkedIn and sharing their work. Building your presence on LinkedIn takes time like everything else. However, I encourage you to stay tuned, even if you don’t see results instantly. The effectiveness of these strategies will increase with each connection you make and with each post you share.

7. Recommend good work

Did you see a good story that you want to share? Include the author’s name and do so, or Did you have a great experience with a particular business? Share it in your post. Doing this not only gives them recognition, but it also shows your contacts that you care and want to share good information with them.

 To share is to live! Reference Part of this reference was made possible by: Karydes, M. 7 Simple Ways

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