With a Standard license, you may:
  • Reproduce up to 500,000 copies of the asset in product packaging, printed marketing materials, digital documents, or software.
  • Include the asset in email marketing, mobile advertising, or a broadcast program if the expected number of viewers is fewer than 500,000.
  • Post the asset to a website with no limitation on viewers. If the asset is used in an editorial manner, attribution is required in this format (© Author Name – stock.adobe.com).
  • Include the asset in products in a minor way, such as in a textbook.
With a Standard license, you may not:
  • Create merchandise or products for resale or distribution where the main value of the product is associated with the asset itself. For example, you can’t use the asset to create a poster, t-shirt, or coffee mug that someone would buy specifically because of the asset printed on it.