The crazy story of FYRE ISLAND

Picture of by Sergio Jimenez

by Sergio Jimenez

Marketing Consultant at Pentandra Digital Marketing LLC

Imagine the perfect party, glamorous luxuriant and all happens in a very exclusive Island. When Billy McFarland an entrepreneur decided that he was going to do the best party ever and do a profit on the way, he never imagined how big this story would be. Now his story has been immortalized on a movie on NetFlix. This case is very interesting because de use of marketing using influencers, models and a great team of every specialty.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well on the New documentary on NetFlix you can see how this smart young entrepreneur found the way to convince influencers to user their voices to attract people to a giant party. You can see that the big names of the entertainment were cheated. A total disaster for worker and investors that lost a lot of money.

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